Thursday, October 9, 2008

Returned But Not Quite Resurfaced

We are back from what can only be described as a gloriously perfect trip to Europe. We are still glowy and bright, and despite the current economical/political circumstances we face upon returning to our country, we remain optimistic and filled with hope. We twittered a bit of the trip, but I will share some good non-phone photos here when I get a chance to get everything organized and in perspective.

I wanted to check in to say that we got our posters back from Oasis today and they are BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to show them to you all! We've already signed a few copies for our co-workers and they are hanging proudly in their cubicles. They are so sweet.

Our CD situation is slightly stalled as we are having to do some minor re-design work and have been insanely busy since returning. I am going to stop being a broken record by telling you "soon soon soon!" and instead tell you that these things will unfold in their right time. The readiness is all.


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