Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gearing Up

We went on a journey to the outer edges of Los Angeles-land last night to get our hands on a keyboard that we can use for live shows. It was so far, I think we might have actually gone over the rainbow. But it was worth it, as we now have a new 62-key family member who is not even remotely as heavy as our 88-key weighted keyboard who simply hates leaving the house. Some instruments just aren't as comfortable playing live as in the studio.

The gears are cranking up ever so slowly for playing out. You are probably wondering why this is taking so long. A little back story: this last year we've made the transition from PC to Mac, and have been working hard to get all of our stuff backed up from Cubase into some kind of semblance of order for Logic. We are in the beginning stages of learning how to use Mainstage, which is Logic's live counterpart. This means having to essentially unravel every bit of what all of our songs were made of and re-assembling them piece by piece. Then we have to figure out what can be played on instruments live, what can be created live in loops, and what needs to be stripped away.

We are also on the search for live band mates. This will be an interesting process of discovery. As soon as the Endless Live Machine gets itself whirring, then we can play and play and play as much as possible. It's just the getting there that is proving to be the challenge. This is what you get for writing electronic music (and having a day job).

We are also in the pre-writing stages for the next album, which means lots and lots of intake. It means museums, travel, nature, films, painting, playing, and just generally consuming life in the hopes that it will bring inspiration over the next year. With that in mind, we had a little trip to the ocean this weekend and met these guys:

They do help.


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