Monday, June 1, 2009

Can You Be The Hunter?

For the most part, the shoot went well. I had two characters. The wolf:
And the lamb:Let me just tell you, my friends, I am cozying up here to a character which I saw fully in my mind's eye and genuinely made me cry. I was that attached to it. I kept thinking, "why is this kind of deep and honest connection so hard to conjure when I'm acting, but here I am cozying up to a lumpy piece of cloth and am completely full and in the moment?" I think the answer might be because this is my art and my story. Very interesting.

We had a light blow out about 20 seconds into the first take which you can witness in all its glory here:
Silliness. My sister Victoria is a makeup artist so she came to make me perty, which was nice. I think we have a couple of pics of her working on me behind the scenes which I will post.

A big and hearty thank you to Maron Studio for the use of their green screen (and the very fun shoot for their movie the day before). We are now sending off the footage to Mathias in Sweden who will hopefully be able to use some of it (*crossing fingers*). We'll let you know how it went!


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