Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome, New Comic-Con Friends!

We have dragged our half-conscious selves back home after a week and a half of trips which culminated at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend. A big hello to our new friends who we met along the way, welcome! If you want to know more about us, please look around here, follow us on Twitter, be-fan us on Facebook, and so on. We are glad to have you. If you are looking for our music, you can find it here. Please feel free listen and download what you like. The Endless t-shirts we were wearing this weekend can be found here.

Special extra hellos to those nice people who made the trip extra fun along the way. @vampandora, @DaveMcKean (who instantly recognized the ectoplasm on our album cover), the lovely Allen Speigel of Allen Speigel Fine Arts, Tom at Century Guild Fine Arts (whose Doctor Who CD I accidentally lifted), Rebecca and the Wonder Woman at the Masquerade viewing (there were a few moments there where we were laughing so hard I think we almost lost our minds).

A quick re-cap:

We started last week in Costa Mesa, CA seeing Tears For Fears (David long-time fan, first time viewer, very satisfying to hear Woman in Chains live). We then made our way to Phoenix to see Tori Amos at the Dodge Theatre. When we got to our hotel (the Royal Palms), we were surprised by an incredible upgrade to the 8 ROOM, 4 PATIO-ed Presidential Villa. It was NUTS. We quickly grabbed our camera and took as many pictures of us in the space as possible:
Oh, that's just the living room. *yawn*

David in shock


It was also David's birthday, so it was an extra special treat. We had an incredible meal in their restaurant, T. Cook's.

Then at the Tori show we got the chance to meet the awesome Robyn of

Second row seats meant a chance to watch the incredible Jon Evans in action.

Even though it was a mind-melting 115 degrees, the show was really fantastic.

We then travelled to New Mexico for family purposes. We arrived in San Diego on Friday, in time to catch Neil Gaiman and company talk Coraline, which was nice.

The one, solitary picture we took with our camera at the con. Boo. The rest of our pics are from our phone and are on our TwitPic feed.

So, that's the current scoop. We are off now to work on the live show (yes, we are still working on the live show. Computer hell). Hopefully we'll have some news on that front very soon.


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