Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Review and Sneak Peak of the Monster!

We are so close to premiering the Hunt For The Heart video! @MathiasOddity is hard at work at putting the finishing touches on it. Here is a picture of the monster that our heroine is hunting in the video:
Isn't he gorgeous?

We are also still slogging through a million plug-ins, trying to re-create Somniloquy in Logic (it was made in Cubase) so we can play out live. David is an extreme champion of computer skillz and we are coming to the top of the (much higher than we expected) mountain. I am cooking up all kinds of ideas for the live show and trying to learn how to play the music we wrote.

Somniloquy has gotten a really cool review in ReGen magazine. Some quotes:

A very lovely glimpse of otherworldly realms..."Was I Not Your Muse?" is one of the album's most beautiful gems, with a powerful vocal performance that conveys exceptionally strong feelings of love, loss, and a tinge of anger...

The album culminates with "Rosabelle: Answer-Tell," a superbly arranged piece that blissfully ebbs and flows between mellow, understated, and melancholy moments and strong, poignant, and boisterous moments with Adriana Roze once again astonishing the listener with the range of emotion in her voice.

Very nice!


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