Monday, September 28, 2009

Harvest Time Again

Hi friends, is it Fall where you are? Or Spring? Crisping leaves or budding petals?

We are busy tinkering away (in the still rather blistering LA heat) in our studio on pulling apart Somniloquy and re-weaving it for playing live (I know you have heard this line before but I swear, if you saw what we had to do computer-wise, you'd understand the delay - long story). We might even be writing some new songs, and also scheming about our upcoming Holiday Single (can it already be time for that again?). If you missed it, last year's holiday single was a tribute to the music of Mr. Rogers.

Did you got a chance to see the new music video for "Hunt For The Heart"? We think Mathias Erixon did a lovely job. We are currently in production on a new video for the opening track from the album, "Lit From Within." Expect a beautiful new creation from a great UK-based director just in time for the holidays!

We also wanted to let you know that our song "Was I Not Your Muse?" is being featured on the AAA evening playlist this fall on the Women of Substance radio show. The show can be heard on Tuesday nights from 7 - 8 PM PST here. Also, our cover of Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush" is currently being featured on the WomensRadio channel which you can listen to here.

Geez, what else can I tell you? We love you and miss you, wherever you are. We are both on Twitter if you'd like to join us there for some every day conversing.


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