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the Republic of Heaven
...and i'm the queen of the moon
Grumpy Ghost

...and i'm the queen of the moon


we could be a twinkling in the quick wink of an eye
we could be forgotten or reviled
these could be the pages in a book we cannot turn
and never know the story or the lesson we should learn

tiny as an atom, gigantic as a star
i put you in perspective for the perfect that you are
in the center
you are in the center of the Universe

don’t let’s ruin a good thing
the Ache will ease the ache

endless time precedes you and endless time awaits
you are in the middle with your unpaid bills and stomach pains
you are in the galaxy that was so far away
paying for the choices that some unknown Force has made
you can’t give a name to the Nameless
you can’t keep the light from traveling all this way to greet us
cause the stars know better than you do who you are
in the center

what if you’re the reason this entire place exists?
would you slow your pace a bit, appreciate this crazy gift?
what if you created me, and i created you?
do i still have substance when I am out of your view?

as we collide

you come into my camp with your brights on
i don’t know how you found me here
you keep to your side and i’ll to mine
you keep drugging the sentry and seducing my spies
i get no premonition now when you’re crossing my lines

awkward now but sweet to see us cracking horns together
getting locked and breaking loose again
you have mastered your offensive in another pasture
but i like the sound we make as we collide

i don’t care what they sold you, what stories you’ve been told
myths that turned to Truths about the world that you uphold
i don’t care where you come from, the colors you salute
grave and somber wrongs inflicted do not concern you

i engage your pleas for action with a sober gesture
what will we create in the crash?
harder than the breaking gulf we move to pound each other
into the ground
just to hear the sound

come on
come on
hit me head on
i’m a worthy adversary
i could be your sparring partner
we make such good noise

as we scratch and scrape ourselves
we come apart as someone else
the noise we make is deafening
so bind me from this siren singing


you never went to the moon
you said i sent you to the Dark Side
you never set your foot on her white skin
as far as i can tell she’s still a virgin

this is my theory now that you are gone
all i have is speculation as to what went wrong
i found my faith when i stopped believing in you
I found my faith i found my faith

there never was a Lone Gunman
they found my body filled with holes
i bled for anyone who aimed to rip me open
you weren’t the only one who had a motivation

you never were a Son of God
a thousand years of Western Thought
you held so tightly to the Grail that no one knew
that now the bloodline will go to the grave with you


Head of Clouds
you say i’m a shell-shocked visitor
brain mis-wired
you think there’s nothing true left in her

and the right-thinking members of a congregation
meet in your mind
thumbing through their glossaries for an instance
a breach of this kind

eyes design: intake
have closed forever
lips’ purpose: to mend
sealed in silence

“i don’t find you Credible,” you say

i pulled my skin away to show you
i pulled my heart away to show you
i pulled my pride away to show you
and who are you accountable to?

pass the phone
a draft distracts your hearing
someone else
can clean the blood from the ceiling

and the right-thinking members of the congregation
leave your mind
it’s just you and me, my sweet
and you say again again
“i don’t find you Credible”
well, i don’t find You credible.


night has day surrounded
but you are wide awake
a subtle supplication
the quiet call of Grace

for you to dream
keep dreaming
of Peace

this year for you
was a shaken sphere
the months got lost
from there to here
you had to watch your star burn by
no net to carry you away this time

this is the rest of our lives
all of our Cassandras
had blinders on their eyes, but
the tree of life
will bear fruit in time
the tree of life
will bear fruit in time

the worm across the world
is spinning her silken thread
the lines of fear and love
connecting in your head

this year for you
is not yet done
the lines you crossed
can be redrawn

light speeds faster than its absence
you want love
but you’re out of practice
fill this silent night
with your dovesong

don’t let this night go silent

setting sun

i am awake when i dream you
i keep your breath in a bottle
by the bed
like the hawthorn in the pillow
something powerful
is growing underneath our heads

and the sun is setting

this couldn’t happen to me
somebody else’s thread
is inexplicably
weaving a loom
into the womb
around our bed
Mother Spider and her
are waking

how far
is the
where the
how do
get there
how do i
live with this?

i know
i know
what you are
clearer than a theme
of pondering the twinkling
above my fear so high
is a fate we cannot override

we always knew it would end this way
the martyr lives by the impaling stake

lee miller

in this light
in this dream
i am you at 17
drinking death for someone else’s cause
posing for a camera
what you wanted after all
corpses on the pages of a fashion magazine

i have caught the bodies breaking on a barbed wire sea
i have seen desire as he’s bending over me
every picture every lens the light reveals the edge
finding inspiration in the mountain of a flesh

the life became the dream
the dream is smoldering
you let the light soak in my photograph

nothing scares me anymore
not Death or Destiny
i am but a witness to
the breadth of what we can and should not be

if this is hell,
it’s a slow burn

took an hour in your bath
i am not in your grasp
washed your ashes down the drain
i am here
i am unafraid

nothing scares me anymore
not Death or Destiny
i will be the witness to
the breadth of what we Will ourselves to be

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